Simple Setup

Step 1: Connect the DVR with the power adapter, monitor and internet cable;

Step 2: Connect the cameras with DVR via the extension cables;

Step 3: Connect the cameras with another power adapter with 1 to 4 power splitter;

Step 4: Download ZOSI SMART app to remote control the system.

Please note:

This wired camera security system can work without Internet Connection, if you need to view the cameras remotely, please connect the DVR to internet.

Customizable Motion Detection Area

DVR security system allows you to customize the motion detection area in each camera,so as to reduce the number of false alarms, save your time and allow you to stay connected to all the unexpected movements.

Besides,block out selected areas on each screen to grant privacy in situations, people can not view of certain areas or activities.

Customize Each Camera with Different Record Modes

DVR offers 4 kinds recording modes to meet your needs: record footage continuously, record during scheduled times,only record when detect motion, recycle recording.You can customize each camera with different recording modes,which allows you to save space on the hard drive,

and you can download the recording files via the USB backup.

Local and Remote Access in Multiple Devices

Local Access: Connect the system to a monitor or TV via the HDMI cable or VGA cable.

Remote Access: Connect the system to internet. Easy to get live streaming or playback videos via Zosi View/Zosi Smart App on iOS & Android devices, through 365SECU Client software on Windows or Mac, or via major browsers.

Advanced H.264+ Compression Technology

More advanced than H.264 in several ways. H.264+ allows for further reduced file size, and therefore reduced required bandwidth, of your live video streams, making the video frame clearer and smoother.

What is included?

1 x H.264 8CH DVR
2 x Bullet Camera
2 x 60FT BNC+DC CCTV cable
2 x 12V/2A power supply
1 x 1 to 4 Power Splitter
2 x Mounting Screw bag
1 x User manual
1 x Mouse