1080p H.265+ Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System

Easy installation: In less than an hour your security system is ready for use. The included cameras are wireless and no cabling is required to connect them to the DVR. Simply attach the metal bracket to a sturdy surface and adjust the camera in an appropriate direction. Turn on the cameras and they will automatically pair with the NVR.

Long-lasting cameras for the whole year: The cameras comply with protection class IP66 (weatherproof) and can be used in the harshest weather such as wind, rain or snow storm. Each camera is equipped with 24 IR LEDs that allow you to see up to 65ft in the dark. Rest assured that you and your property are well protected throughout the night.

Advanced Motion Detection: Create different motion detection areas to fully customize control over the surveillance. This is an effective way to ensure that the system only records what you need at the critical moment. Each zone has its own sensitivity value, so you can set it exactly to your need.

Secure remote viewing with the Anlapus app: Connect your NVR with the free app to view your cameras from your mobile device. This allows you to watch live video as well as record footage even when you are in the office or abroad. Set up instant motion alert notifications to make sure you’re always up to date.

24/7 surveillance: Each camera can be set with different recording modes, so you can use the system with maximum flexibility by programming the system so that cameras with higher activity record all the time, while cameras with lower activity only record at motion events or during the night.

1. The cameras are not battery powered, but we offer a power supply with approx. 10ft power cord for each camera.
2.The WiFi signal can only be straight and is reduced by walls. Please place the cameras as close as possible to the NVR. The cameras do not have a stable signal when the Wi-Fi signal passes through a wall with a steel girder or more than two concrete walls.
3. You need an HD TV or PC monitor with HDMI or VGA cable, to view and make settings for the system, the HDMI or VGA cable is not included.
6. You can watch live video, record and play video without internet. If you want to view cameras remotely, you have to connect the NVR to the Internet (eg router) using a network cable (supplied).

NVR specification
1. 8CH 1080P Wireless recording
2. H.265+ video compression
3. Supports video preview / recording / playback / USB backup
4. Supports wireless and wired connection
5. Supports Android / IOS / Window / MacOS remote view
6. Supports continuous, scheduled and motion recording
7. Immediate e-mail notifications when motion is detected
8. 1x SATA port max. up to 8TB; 2x USB2.0 ports for mouse control, backup and upgrade

Camera Specification
Image Sensor: 2.0 Megapixel 1/3" Progressive Scan Sensor
Resolution: 1920 * 1080
lens: 3.6mm
number of IR LEDs: 24, with IR-CUT
night vision: 20m
weatherproof: IP66
material: metal housing