1080P Outdoor WiFi Security Camera Set


  • EASY INSTALLATION: In less than an hour your security system is ready to use. The security cameras are wireless and you do not need to use a video cable to connect them to the DVR. Simply attach the metal mount to a stable surface and align the camera. Connect the cameras to the power supply and they will automatically pair to the NVR.
  • Auto cascading & 300 meters WiFi distance: the camera closest to the NVR can also work as a WiFi repeater and the camera at a long distance will automatically connect to this camera to create a better transmission.
  • Motion Controlled Notification: The system can be set up so that the cameras respond to movements and alert you via email with picture or app push. Each channel has its own sensitivity value so you can adjust them gradually.
  • 1TB PRE INSTALLED HARD DRIVE: This HDD is designed for monitoring to save videos 24/7 without loss. Each camera can also be adjusted with different shooting modes, so you can use the system with maximum flexibility by programming the system to record higher activity cameras all the time, while cameras with lower activity only during motion events or in certain time.
  • SECURE REMOTE VIEWING WITH APP: Connect your NVR to the free app to view your cameras safely from your preferred mobile device. This allows you to watch both the live videos and recorded material even if you are in the office or abroad.
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1. The cameras are not battery powered, but we provide EU power adapter with about 3M power cord for each camera.
2.Wi-Fi range limitation – The WiFi- Signal can only travel in a straight line and is reduced by walls. Please place the cameras as close to the NVR as possible. The cameras will not have a stable signal when the Wi-Fi signal goes through a wall with a steel beam or more than two concrete walls.
3. You need a HD TV or PC monitor with HDMI or VGA cable, to view and make settings for the system, the HDMI or VGA cable is not included.
6. You can watch live video, record video and play back without internet. If you want to view cameras remotely, you need to connect the NVR to the Internet (e.g. router) by network cable (supplied).

NVR Specification
1. 8CH 1080P Wireless recording
2. H.265 video compression
3. Support video preview/recording/playback/USB backup
4. Support mixed use of wireless and wired for different scenes
5. Support multi-platform Remote view
6. Supports continuous, scheduled and motion recording 7. Instant email notifications upon motion detection
8. 1* SATA port max up to 8TB; 2* USB2.0 port for mouse control, backup and upgrade

Camera specification
Image sensor: 2.0 megapixel 1/3″ progressive scan sensor
Resolution: 1920 *1080
Lens: 3.6mm
Number of IR LEDs: 24, with IR-CUT
Night Vision: 80ft
Weatherproof: IP66
Material: Metal housing

Package Content:
1x 8CH 1080p NVR with pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive
4x 1080p HD Wireless Cameras
1x DC12V 2A Power Adapter for NVR
4x DC12V 1A Power Adapter for Cameras (3M Power Cord)
1x 1M network cable
1x 2M HDMI cable
1x 3M antenna cable
1x mouse for NVR
1x Multilingual manual



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